Oknha Te Taing Por | Rise of ASEAN Conference

Oknha Te Taing Por

President Federation of Associations for Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia

Mr. Te Taingpor was born in 1958 in Kampong Chhnang Province. Since 1986, Te Tainpor has a trader with various commodities such as rice, cassava, and other livestock for domestic and to neighboring countries such Thailand and Vietnam. After that he changed his business to do the gold and money trader, from 1984 he started up the company to supply soap to government until 1993, and then he involve in real estate sector.

Currently, Okhna Te Taingpor own 5 companies as below:

– Ream Resort Development Co. Ltd
– Measor Co.Ltd

With the contribution of the country development and social activities in 1997 Mr. Te Taingpor was grand the title of Okhna from His Majesty King Norodom Sihnauk, King of Cambodia.

And as well he received many models of development from government.

With the first mandate of the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce was elected in 1995 as Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce and the Second Mandated of the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce, Okhna Te Taingpor was elected as Treasuer. 

Since 1999, Okhna Te Taingpor has served as Co-chaired of Manufacturing, Small and Medium Enterprise working group of Government Private Sector Forum (GPSF) with his counterpart Minister of Ministry of Industry Mine and Energy of Cambodia.